Remove Permanent Marker Stains From Wood With These Natural Ingredients

Discovering permanent marker stains on your wooden furniture is never a positive experience. It doesn’t matter if your marker started bleeding or if your kid decided to use your wooden table as a canvas.

My kid recently did draw all over our table with a marker which forced me to search for different ways to remove the stains. Of course, I didn’t feel like buying fancy stain removers from the store – I wanted to use natural ingredients. Thankfully, there are a lot of methods you can apply and successfully remove the damage – without wasting money.

You Can Use Rubbing Alcohol

I have used rubbing alcohol as a disinfectant for a long time but I never knew I could remove marker stains with it. Well, it turns out that it’s the most popular method.

Simply pour the rubbing alcohol on a piece of cotton then dab the stained areas. Do not rub!

Once you are done, damp cloth and pat the area in order to remove the residue.

You Can Also Use Vodka

If you don’t have rubbing alcohol in your home then you probably have vodka. It also works! Again, pour the liquid on cotton, dab the area then remove the excess with a damp cloth!

Use Nail-Polish Remover

Another great way to remove permanent marker stains from any wooden surface is to use acetone-based nail polish remover.

Pour it on a cloth and dab the stains. Again, do not rub because you can damage the surface.

What about baking soda?

One of my favourite ingredients to use when I clean my home is baking soda. It turns out that it can also remove marker stains which is super helpful!

Mix water and baking soda in order to create a paste. Rub it in the stained area using circular motion!

Here is how to easily disinfect your workout gear!

Do you workout? If you do then chances are you have equipment in your home which you use on days when you don’t feel like going to the gym!

You don’t like going to the gym? Me too! I prefer working out from home. If you do prefer working our from home as well then your workout gear is probably extremely dirty and is in desperate need of a good disinfect! Do you know how much bacteria is breeding on your dumbbells? Yes, your dumbbells are indeed dirtier than the average toilet seat – I said it!

I know you wash your workout clothes after each session, however, that is simply not enough!

Here is how to disinfect your workout gear!

You need to use a powerful disinfectant. I use a spray. I also don’t recommend using disinfectant wipes – you need something even stronger.

Now, grab a spray bottle and mix the following:

  • 1/4 cup of white vinegar
  • 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol
  • 1/4 cup of water
  • 20 drops of your favourite essential oil

Give the ingredients a good shake and your all-purpose disinfectant is ready.

Now, all you need to do is spray your workout equipment and allow it to dry completely. Don’t wipe it or anything like that – a disinfectant should be sprayed and allowed to air dry in order to work properly!

Can your cleaning chores be a calory-burning exercise?

I think that the question “Can cleaning chores burn calories?” has crossed all of our minds at some point in our lives. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that cleaning our homes can have another benefit? Wouldn’t it be nice to know that we don’t have to go to the gym so often because burning calories is something we can do from the comfort of our own homes?

Well, it actually turns out that housework can indeed help you lose weight which I think is absolutely amazing. There are numerous of studies made on this topic which show that cleaning your home for 11 hours a week on average can help you lose approximately a kilogram a month – just by doing chores you need to!

Studies show that by simply making your bed you burn 70 calories which equals 20 minutes of pilates! Doing your laundry can burn the calories of one glass of wine – 148 calories on average. Sweeping can burn 161 calories which is the same as cycling for 20 minutes.

If you want to burn the calories of the pasta you had for dinner you can vacuum your home which will burn around 175 calories on average – something you do when you jog for 20 minutes! Washing your car can be even more effective since the studies show you burn 314 calories – so if you had a slice of cake you are worried about you can clean your car!

We all know that swimming is also a great way to burn calories, right? Well, instead of swimming for 45 minutes which will burn 314 calories you can mop the floors in your home which is just as effective!

Never do these things to your lawn

It’s usually pretty easy to maintain a lawn but there are some things you shouldn’t do in order for things to become even easier.

  1. Do not remove grass clippings – The whole leaving grass clippings on the lawn thing causing thatch problems is a myth. They actually help with the health of your lawn.
  2. Do not use a dull mower blade – They do not slice the grass but rip it which isn’t good for the plant. Lawns that are mowed with a dull mower blade look brown on the top.
  3. Do not water it every day – Do not water it every day but choose one day a week and water it for an hour.
  4. Dethatch – Build up decomposing grass stems, roots, clippings, and debris can choke your lawn over time. So make sure you remove them often.
  5. Do not wait too long between mowing
  6. Do not skip reseeding
  7. Do not cut the grass too short – Different grass has different optimal cutting height so research and find out what yours is.
  8. Do not mow in the same direction every time – Make sure you mow in different directions each time.
  9. Do not when your lawn is wet
  10. Do not apply too much grass fertilizer

How to clean mold from your carpet?

Mold is probably the last thing you would want to find on your carpet. It’s dangerous for your health.

It’s a hazardous pest that needs to be cleaned and identified so it doesn’t come back. The mold spores are easily spread through the air so you need to find the root of where it’s coming from.

When you leave mold untreated it risks your health and can ruin your carpet. Follow these easy steps that we have created for you and you will know exactly what to do.


  1. Find the origin

Find what is causing the mold so you can test it. If lately, you had any water damage in that room it would be easier to pinpoint the problem.

Usually, a carpet that isn’t properly dried is a magnet for mold. Maybe you had a flood, a roof leak, or just a spill that hasn’t been cleaned.

Another way is via the HVAC system.

  1. Prepare for the cleaning

The first thing you need to do is wear protection on your hands and over your face. Mold is dangerous for your health if you inhale it or it touches your skin.

It might not look dangerous but once you start scrubbing the area, the mold can stir up in the air. If you have something that can protect your eyes like goggles – wear them as well.

When cleaning, open the windows in the same room but keep the doors closed to other rooms (if possible). That way the mold spores won’t spread in your home.

  1. Choose a method

There are some different methods you can use. The easiest one is to call a professional cleaning company like and let them help you.

If you decide to do the cleaning yourself here is a list of ways you can do it.

  • There are lots of commercial cleaning products out there that you can use – like OxB Biocide. They are specifically made for cleaning mold and deter it from appearing again.
  • Another thing you can use are things you probably have around your house – bleach, vinegar, borax, ammonia, detergent, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide. These things are cheap, easy to find and do wonders.
  • You can make your own cleaning solution using vinegar and baking soda. Also, they are great natural cleaners that are pet and kid friendly. Vinegar kills about 82% of the mold while baking soda will dry out the damp are and will kill the mold.
  1. Start cleaning the area

Use a good scrubbing brush to clean the spot. All the commercial cleaners have directions on the bottles that you need to follow.

If you are using a natural cleaner – spray and let it sit for fifteen to twenty minutes. This will help the cleaner kill the mold. Before you start scrubbing you want the mold to be broken down and destroyed.

When you do start scrubbing, the mold spores will be removed from the carpet but will begin to stir up in the air. That’s when it’s important to wear a mask, gloves, and goggles.

Not only clean the mold but also the area around it – including walls and other floors if they are in close distance.

You will need to repeat the cleaning at least twice.

  1. Dry the space

In between cleaning make sure the carpet is dry. This will prevent regrowth and will dry out the active mold spores.

The last thing you should do is vacuum the carpet – with an allergen filter. For example, the HEPA filter is designed to remove bacteria and toxins.

My Weigh Impact Story – Blithale GP Surgery Jan-Mar 2014

Mr S  57 and Mrs L  52 are a White English couple who arrived at My Weigh following a referral from the   GP. Mr S had gone to his GP with swollen ankles and high blood pressure. During the consultation, his GP had suggested that he should lose weight. Mr S mentioned that he had other health conditions and realised that he needed to address the root cause which was to lose weight. His wife L was also concerned about her weight so they jointly decided to enrol onto the My Weigh course.

Both had very different reasons for wanting to lose weight; Mr S said “Besides my health problems, I was also fed up of not being able to wear previously purchased clothes.” Mrs L describes her reasons in her own words “I was feeling tired all the time, I had no energy! My family kept telling me that I am putting on weight and the clothes are looking too tight!” We were using a cleaning company all this time to keep up our home, as we had no energy to do ordinary house chores. Thanks Monster Cleaning East Ham for the great work!

Mr S went as far as to quote “I retired early to enjoy life, not to head for the cemetery!” He went onto say that both Lina and he had got into bad eating habits. Having lived in Italy for 30years and Lina joining him for just over a year, they had enjoyed experiencing and experimenting with Italian food. He describes the situation in his own words: “We were living to eat rather than eating to live!”

Mr S passionately explained their desire to eventually migrate to another country. “Most of the countries that we have considered are high altitude cities so losing weight and getting our health under control could determine our future plans!”

Both Mrs L  and Mr S had tried to lose weight through weight watchers and other programmes but had seen no results. Mr S mentioned that they were considering boot camp or a health farm before they were referred to My Weigh. When asked what they enjoyed and what they found challenging about the My Weigh course, each responded differently:

Mr S : “The course put us on the right road to eat to live, gave us the tools to analyse our situation.  What I really enjoyed was the competitive nature of the course, having targets, friendly rivalry with other participants. I found eating salads a challenge and quite boring; however substituting for a piece of protein and two vegetables was more attractive.”

Mrs L: “What I enjoyed most was meeting other people, exchanging opinions and ideas. What I found challenging was eating more vegetables! ”

Both Mr and Mrs were keen to share all the changes they have implemented since My Weigh: “We no longer eat whilst watching telly, when it’s time to eat, we eat. We have found this has given us more time for conversation and intimate time with each other. We have also reduced our portion sizes and fried food is completely off the menu” Mrs L commented “the oven has never been used so much before, the first question we ask is can it go in the oven? We have also switched to using spray oil rather than pouring the oil.”

Mr S  and Mrs L describe the lessons they learnt on My Weigh:

“My Weigh taught us how not to kill ourselves through our plate!”

“What goes in stays in, unless you burn it off!”

“Food labels session, an eye opener, shopping will never be the same again!”

Mr S who lost an impressive amount of weight of 9kg in 10 weeks through making small changes said “I feel equipped to measure my situation, hospitality situations will always be a challenge but I know I can substitute or compensate with additional exercising”

Mrs L also reached her 5% target within 10 weeks and said “I will be eliminating the frying pan and preparing food myself!”

The future looks very promising for both Mrs L and Mr S, they reported that they will continue to weigh themselves each morning to stay motivated. Both have taken up walking as mode of transport and have even joined  urban wanderers on a 7 mile canal walk on Saturday mornings which is run by the My Weigh tutor Ameena!

Being on the course has reduced Mr S blood pressure   and   he had swollen ankles and the swelling has gone down tremendously.

“Thank you very much My Weigh” .

Rug Cleaning – General Advice

Rug Cleaning is toughRugs may appear like carpets but that’s about as much as they have in common. Generally, rugs are more delicate than carpets, made of different fibres woven in a different way to those of carpets. Carpets are designed to handle a lot of foot traffic and hide certain amount of dirt and soiling, whereas rugs don’t tolerate much soiling or staining at all. Rugs are not as hard wearing and aren’t designed to handle carpet cleaning methods too well. So avoid the No.1 mistake and don’t treat your rugs as you do your carpets. Understanding how to clean and maintain a rug will keep it cleaner and looking better for longer.

For effective, regular rug cleaning all you really need is a properly working vacuum cleaner and a medium bristled brush. For stain removal however, you need formulated rug cleaning product, or a formulated carpet cleaner which also works on delicate rugs.

For everyday rug cleaning:

  • Turn the rug upside down (front to back) and thoroughly vacuum the reverse side, loosening any bits and pieces of dirt and soil;
  • Next turn the rug right side up (face up) and again vacuum thoroughly, but avoid catching any tassels in the hoover;
  • Once finished vacuuming on both sides, use a soft bristled brush to manually remove any leftover hairs or dust;

If attempting to remove stains from rug, be sure to apply a dedicated cleaning product. For lighter stains however, you may get away with applying a solution of warm water, small amount of white vinegar and a small amount of laundry detergent. Treat the affected area then blot out using a clean towel.

Sticking a rug in the washing machine for a good spin:

Machine washing of (suitably sized) rugs is possible but you must be careful as rugs are delicate and many of them won’t handle machine washing too well.

  • Generally, woven or braided rugs are able to withstand machine washing, nevertheless provide more protection by putting the rug in a pillow case and then machine wash it;
  • Alternatively any cotton bag will also suffice to provide more protection during machine wash;
  • If possible skip spin dry, instead let the rug drip dry;

Oriental rugs:

Oriental (Persian) rugs are more delicate than your average doormat and need TLC when cleaning them. They get damaged easily from aggressive cleaning methods so take your time and be a tat more careful.

  • For everyday vacuuming – place an airy fabric on top of the rug (light fabric pillow case or bed sheet for instance) then vacuum over the fabric, this will prevent mechanical damage to rug fibres and texture. At the same time, dust will be filtered through the fabric leaving the rugs fibres clean and fluffy;
  • For removal of light (traffic) stains like dirt and soiling mix and apply a gentle homemade cleaning solution – small amount of detergent, small amount of white vinegar both diluted in warm water, this usually proves an excellent natural stain remover on most rugs;
  • Odour removal from rugs is easy – when looking to remove stubborn odours like pet smells, tobacco etc. all you need to do is sprinkle the rug with a sufficient amount of talcum (baby) powder and let it sit overnight, then vacuum thoroughly. Talcum powder soaks in and removes most odours;

Overall cleaning  a rug can be very much energy consuming. Cleaning your rug alone you can burn up to 300kcal!

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