Never do these things to your lawn

It’s usually pretty easy to maintain a lawn but there are some things you shouldn’t do in order for things to become even easier.

  1. Do not remove grass clippings – The whole leaving grass clippings on the lawn thing causing thatch problems is a myth. They actually help with the health of your lawn.
  2. Do not use a dull mower blade – They do not slice the grass but rip it which isn’t good for the plant. Lawns that are mowed with a dull mower blade look brown on the top.
  3. Do not water it every day – Do not water it every day but choose one day a week and water it for an hour.
  4. Dethatch – Build up decomposing grass stems, roots, clippings, and debris can choke your lawn over time. So make sure you remove them often.
  5. Do not wait too long between mowing
  6. Do not skip reseeding
  7. Do not cut the grass too short – Different grass has different optimal cutting height so research and find out what yours is.
  8. Do not mow in the same direction every time – Make sure you mow in different directions each time.
  9. Do not when your lawn is wet
  10. Do not apply too much grass fertilizer