Remove Permanent Marker Stains From Wood With These Natural Ingredients

Discovering permanent marker stains on your wooden furniture is never a positive experience. It doesn’t matter if your marker started bleeding or if your kid decided to use your wooden table as a canvas.

My kid recently did draw all over our table with a marker which forced me to search for different ways to remove the stains. Of course, I didn’t feel like buying fancy stain removers from the store – I wanted to use natural ingredients. Thankfully, there are a lot of methods you can apply and successfully remove the damage – without wasting money.

You Can Use Rubbing Alcohol

I have used rubbing alcohol as a disinfectant for a long time but I never knew I could remove marker stains with it. Well, it turns out that it’s the most popular method.

Simply pour the rubbing alcohol on a piece of cotton then dab the stained areas. Do not rub!

Once you are done, damp cloth and pat the area in order to remove the residue.

You Can Also Use Vodka

If you don’t have rubbing alcohol in your home then you probably have vodka. It also works! Again, pour the liquid on cotton, dab the area then remove the excess with a damp cloth!

Use Nail-Polish Remover

Another great way to remove permanent marker stains from any wooden surface is to use acetone-based nail polish remover.

Pour it on a cloth and dab the stains. Again, do not rub because you can damage the surface.

What about baking soda?

One of my favourite ingredients to use when I clean my home is baking soda. It turns out that it can also remove marker stains which is super helpful!

Mix water and baking soda in order to create a paste. Rub it in the stained area using circular motion!

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